New kendr Update!

At kendr, we understand that different businesses have different needs. We’re always trying to implement new features to fit those needs. As we update the kendr app and browser experience, we’ll be posting about those features on our blog. Let’s run through the most recent updates that went live as of 11/22/18:

  1. Employer codes are now optional for greater flexibility. If codes are turned off, the employee’s email or phone number will be checked against those provided by the administrator.
  2. If an employee fails to register after an invite has been sent, that employee will be automatically re-invited every 30 days until they accept or are removed by an administrator. This was done to ensure the employee always has the chance to register and is periodically reminded of that fact.
  3. Finally, we’ve made it possible for a reviewer to invite employees if they see fit.

Make sure to update your kendr app to take advantage of these new features! Having issues? Email us at for help.