An image of Jeremy Light working on kendr updates.

Though kendr has since expanded to provide a path to open communication in every industry, its early focus was on the restaurant and hospitality sector. Jeremy, with years of experience in that world, was undoubtedly a key partner for Beth Schroeder, the other co-founder of kendr.

Jeremy started his career by diving head first into the restaurant world after finishing culinary school. He would apprentice as a manager, learning how to run a successful restaurant. While digging into the weeds of management, Jeremy continued his education and eventually received his Certified Sommelier certification.

After working in the industry for more than two decades, Jeremy decided to found his own consulting firm and worked on projects like the renovation of Sportsmen’s Lodge hotel, the renovation of Bar & Kitchen, the expansion of Sunlife Organics from one to three locations, and even headed the opening of a new wine bar in Downtown Los Angeles.

Jeremy’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed. In 2015, he was approached by Harri, a hospitality hiring platform that helps source, on-board, and manage talent in the hospitality industry. Jeremy was hired to manage the West Coast market and his work was pivotal. In his more than two years at Harri, Jeremy grew the marketplace from zero to over 50,000 in Southern California and brought hundreds of new clients to the platform. It was during this time as well that he developed a large trusted network of Human Resources professionals in the area and beyond.

He noticed several issues faced by restaurants, their HR managers, and, indeed, many other employers in the world: it was often hard to communicate with employees effectively. There were often struggles and barriers. Jeremy knew that there was a better way; something to bridge the gap and facilitate open communication.

Making employees feel comfortable and safe is the first mission of kendr because if they don’t feel safe or feel that they can talk safely, or go to the wrong people, then they won’t report it and the whole thing is kind of a moot point.

Around this time, Beth Schroeder, a friend and labor attorney, was developing the idea of kendr. The two, once on the same page about features and implementation, worked hard to get kendr off of the ground.

With Jeremy’s connections and input on what employers need, kendr has grown and evolved drastically since its launch in early-2018.

Today Jeremy is the COO of kendr and works tirelessly to make sure kendr offers that bridge between employers and employees. To connect with Jeremy please see his LinkedIn.