Communication is key. That’s one of the principles that kendr was founded on. It’s a belief that is echoed not only in our marketing and branding, but in our company as well. We really try to practice what we preach.

And that’s the point of this blog: to give you, who ever you may be, a glimpse into kendr. Whether it be a profile on one of our fantastic co-founders, a deep-dive into how a real company is benefiting by using kendr, or a post about the company in general, it’s our hope that this blog will serve as our communication pathway with the world.

If you’re a current client, be on the look out for interesting updates to kendr and its functionality.

If you’re interested in bringing kendr to your company, let this blog show you how we operate and how others are using kendr.

And if you’re interested in HR or learning how to create more open communication at your workplace, let this blog lead the way.

While other corporate blogs are dry and often unfeeling, our aim for this blog is to truly echo who we are and what we believe in.