kendr, at its core, is about communication. The goal has always been to open up the workplace and create a space where issues, suggestions, and questions can be responded to. This goal has been in the mind of Beth Schroeder for years.

A Wisconsin native, Beth entered the UCLA campus in 1982 wide-eyed and hungry. She was determined to excel and, more than that, become recognized in a field that has been and still is dominated by men. So she set out and graduated in 1985 with a J.D., never having lost that drive.

Settling into her first position at the Century City-based Silver & Freedman, Beth quickly came to realize that endless hours of mind-numbing work was not the way to the top. She took initiative and saw that landing clients and spreading awareness was the way to go. With this in mind, Beth started a simple marketing newsletter, doing the grunt work of writing, packaging, and mailing it herself. This newsletter, being one of the first of its kind, catapulted her reach and allowed her to pull in client after client. It was only a matter of time before she became the first female managing partner of the firm.

Over her many years at Silver and Freedman, Beth encountered situations where simple and anonymous communication between employee and employer would’ve saved all parties time, money, and stress.

Beth saw that employees were afraid to report misconduct, lost their handbooks, or sometimes didn’t understand how to contact their human resources department safely. She started thinking hard about a solution.

In late-2017, after more than year of fleshing out kendr, the scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein and the push from the #MeToo movement motivated Beth to realize the app and set in motion a new age of workplace communication.

It’s one of those things that if we ever had doubts about doing this, that it has completely validated our decision to do it.

The development was costly and a time-sink but, by early-2018, kendr was ready to launch. On January 29th, Beth woke up to an article in a law journal praising the launch of kendr.

She remains steadfast and certain that kendr is the future of workplace communication.

We’re excited to ride this wave of history, and frankly we’re excited to be part of a solution I think that nothing else can be.

Today, Beth is a partner at Raines Feldman LLP, a Los Angeles-based law firm. She devotes her time and energy to her work and kendr. To read more about her or connect with her please refer to the links bellow.

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